St Johns Health Innovation foundation is committed to supporting innovations to solve common health problems in our society

St Johns Health Innovation Foundation is registered as not-for-profit Section-8 Company under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India.  It was incorporated on 27th June 2018 under the companies’ act of 2013

It was set up to promote and accelerate research and more specifically health innovation activities.  SJHIF will aim to bring together talent from different disciplines such as engineering, electronics, computer science, biotechnology, data analytics and other domains to collaborate and work with doctors and health professionals. The objective will be to find innovative solutions to common health problems.  This innovation platform will facilitate Health Innovations for affordable and accessible healthcare, which is the need of the hour in our country.   The foundation will also facilitate incubation of start-up entities and facilitate industry –academia collaborations in health innovations that have an impact on health of the society.

The different areas of health innovation will include areas such as Nutrition and well-being, low cost medical devices, skill development and health literacy, innovations in health education, diagnostics and therapeutics, biotechnology, digital health and health informatics and more.

Our Flagship Stories

Remote Biomonitoring Device for kangaroo mother care (KMC) of neonatal in collaboration with researchers from St John’s Research Institute

Researchers at St John’s Research Institute, Neonatologists at St Johns Hospital in collaboration with Indian Institute of science, have developed a wearable device to monitor the infant’s temperature and kangaroo mother care. The device which is strapped on to infant’s chest sends temperature and KMC data to the server, where it is analyzed to detect various abnormalities and send feedback to the healthcare workers to take necessary action.This device has been tested in urban areas of Bangalore and remote rural areas of Karnataka in a feasibility study consisting of 100 preterm infants


Indigenous Therapeutic Food

Malnutrition in children in India is a big problem. Dr. Sumathi of Division of Nutrition has developed a specially designed food called ‘Bal Poshan Aahar’ to tackle the problem of severe malnutrition in children.

A patent has been filed for this innovation and it is being tested in a study for appearance, aroma, flavor, consistency, and acceptability by the child.