Vision & Mission

The overall Vision of the SJHIF is to establish a world where quality healthcare is accessible and affordable even to the poorest.

The Mission is to make a qualitative contribution to health care, medical education, and research through those who are dedicated to compassionate healing, especially of the medically unreached and underserved sections of the society.

SJHIF was set up to promote and accelerate research and more specifically health innovation activities within St. John’s. SJHIF will aim to bring together talent from different disciplines such as engineering, electronics, computer science, biotechnology, data analytics and other domains to collaborate and work with doctors and health professionals. The objective will be to find innovative solutions to common health problems.

This innovation platform will facilitate:

  • Health Innovations for affordable and accessible healthcare, which is the need of the hour in our country.
  • Incubation of start-up entities and facilitate industry-academia collaborations in health innovations that have an impact on the health of the society.